ClearView Go 15" Portable Electronic Video Magnifyer
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ClearView GO offers the same reading comfort, ease of use, and functionality as a desktop video magnifier, but in a compact and foldable design. Comfortably read text and view objects, at home, office, classroom, or on the go. Its foldable design makes it extremely easy to take the ClearView GO with you or to store it when you do not need it and it has a 5 hour battery life.

With a full HD image on the 15.6” screen, the monitor is fully adjustable in height, for the right reading angle and height. The autofocus ClearView GO has a convenient 3-in-1 rotatable camera that allows you to magnify text and objects up close, in the distance, and even view yourself. Simply point the camera to what you want to see and adjust the settings according to your personal preference. Read down pages without moving reading material thanks to the moveable camera. Magnification range:Live Mode - Default: 2.0 x -32 x;Selectable: 1.4x -20x or 2.5x – 50x; Snapshot Mode: 2.0x – 176x.  the ClearView Go has unique zoom and pan features.

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ClearView Go 15" Portable Electronic Video Magnifyer

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