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eSight 3 combines bright, clear screens with a high-tech camera to let you see text up close or detail in the distance. Using a cutting edge camera, it puts video directly in front of your eyes in real time. You can switch between the two almost instantly. The visor flips up easily, for face-to-face interaction.

eSight 3 is light, and its battery provides around 2 hours of regular use. An optional battery pack extends battery life to approximately 4 hours. eSight 3 is also compatible with most conventional portable chargers.

  •  Patented bioptic tilt allows full mobility
  •  21.5 megapixel camera
  •  24x zoom
  •  Real time imaging
  •  Lightweight
  •  Quick and quiet autofocus
  •  Coaching and live technical support

eSight doesn’t just help you see, it helps you do and be independent. Move about the world, return to hobbies, read, or simply see the face of a loved one. eSight lets you stop relying on others and empower yourself. When you need eSight to get out of the way, just flip up the visor to return to your own eyesight.

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