Eye Pal ROL
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he Eye-Pal ROL (Read Out Loud), is designed for comfort, portability, and ease of use. This ergonomic design combines fast, highly accurate scan and read technology with other features into one portable electronic reader. A pair of headphones easily plugs into the front of the device for privacy, and the ergonomic thumbwheels and tactile controls are intuitively located for ease of use. This lightweight, battery-operated, electronic reader is Braille-display compatible. The Eye-Pal ROL incorporates our exclusive AudioMinder technology, making it the only reader that can also assist you with your daily schedule. AudioMinder allows you to set an alarm and record appointment reminders.

  • Accurately and instantly scan and read text in all types of print
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and portable — weighs only 3.5 lbs.
  • Use with rechargeable battery or AC power
  • Open a saved document and the Eye-Pal ROL will continue reading from where you left off
  • Two auto-focus HD cameras and anti-glare LED lights ensure accurate scanning of printed text
  • Braille display compatible
  • Item #: EPR001

Eye Pal ROL

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