OrCam MyEye MIX
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Starting price $3500. Call C TECH for pricing of customized device.

For blind and partially sighted people, The MyEye Mix, is a wearable device with a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud- from any surface, all packed into a tiny device the size of your finger. Reads any printed or digital text: newspapers, books, restaurant menus, signs, product labels, computer and smartphone screens - all become instantly accessible. Recognizes simple hand gestures and voice commands. Ideal for use at work or at school, at home or on the go. Good for all ages and any level of vision loss. 

The MyEye Mix arrives able to read text aloud in two languages and with "Smart Reading" which lets users ask the device to retreive and read the text of interest such as newspaper headlines and the total of a phone bill. From there, customize it to your needs. Choose from:

  • Orientation
  • Facial Recognition
  • Paper Money Identification
  • Barcodes
  • Colors
  • Product Identification
  • Additional Languages


 “When you can’t do something because you can’t see, and there’s no one around to help, you just feel defeated. With my OrCam I feel independent and accomplished because I complete tasks on my own.”  Rick, a satisfied customer! 

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OrCam MyEye MIX

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