Synapptic Mag & Read Tablet
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A low vision and senior friendly simple to use tablet for emails, phone calls, internet, and more. 10" Android tablet with a high contrast touchscreen and Synapptic software included. In-built digital magnifier enlarges text and images up to 20 times
  • A Samsung Tab A tablet with Synapptic software included
  •  Magnification of text and images up to 20 times
  • 8 mega-pixel camera gives high quality and accuracy for photos and reading machine features
  • Add a SIM to combine all the features of a tablet and smartphone, enabling you to also make calls and use text messaging.

Manufacturer Provides:
One hour of free telephone training; Free lifetime technical support; 2-week money-back guarantee; Two years of free Software Updates; Free 'Getting Started' guide
  • Item #: SYNTAB

Synapptic Mag & Read Tablet

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